Glossmax High Gloss panels are produced with an advanced unique technology, going through a variety of industrial processes, in which adhesive and UV lacquer is applied to melamine coated MDF to achieve a decorative, glossy surfaced wood panel. In the hot coating process that achieves excellent adhesion to the melamine coated surface, PUR (Polyurethane) adhesive coating is applied to the melamine surface. Once the Polyurethane adhesive has gone through chemical curing and an outstanding hard surface which is resistant to scratches, impacts and wear is achieved. The PUR substance is also durable against UV rays. The outer layer, which hardens with the UV rays applied directly after, provides an excellent level of gloss.

Glossmax at the moment has 10 different decor choices stock on hand and lot of variation on demand.

  • Symbol of Elegance and Quality,
  • Excellent specular glossy,
  • Smoothly as mirror,
  • Resistant to discoloration by sunlight and chemicals,
  • Resistant to wear, impact and scratching reflects,
  • Easy to clean.

Glossmax is produced in 3/4 inch x 7 ft x 9 ft (Actual Size: 11/16 inch x 6 ft 10 inch x 9 ft 2 inches)