We are used to having refrigerators, running water and fountain pens, things that were innovations in their day, and which changed our daily lives. Today transforming your interior with laminate flooring can be as simple as using a vacuum cleaner. Lighters, toothbrushes, cameras, these are all things, just like Floorpan laminate, which have proven that change for the better can be found in simplicity.

To inspire you to make positive changes in your life, we offer you our special collections: a collection of stories about useful inventions, and the KASTAMONU Floorpan laminate flooring collection. We believe that living better is easy and we are here to help you achieve this.

Floorpan Emerald 12 mm thick increased strength laminate tapered as floorboards with a deep and textured surface. Floorpan Emerald gives a sense of exclusivity and comfort above and beyond ordinary laminate.

Board dimensions               12x193x1380mm (0.47×7.60×54.33inches)

Floor area per pack                      1.864m2 (20.06sqft)

Number of boards per pack       7

Pack weight                                   18.61kg (41.03 lbs)

Number of packs on the pallet   44

Gross weight of the pallet           833.84kg (1838.3lbs)

Application class                           33

Bevel                                               4V

Lock system                                   UNICLIC